liz-teaching-jan18Like many writers, I enjoy teaching and lecturing.  I’m looking forward to running a Dialogue workshop for Loughborough University theatre students this March, and a screenwriting industry lecture for University of Gloucestershire in May.

In December, I was a judge for the wonderful StageWrite, a short play contest held at Birmingham’s Conservatoire.  Before that, in October, I spoke to Birmingham Ormiston Academy students aged 14-18 about Writing for Theatre, and we focused on strategies to bring historical characters to life in a script.  Last January, I led a Dialogue workshop at Wolverhampton Lit Fest, discussing how my radio drama experience has helped me in that regard.  Previously, as part of the audience development for my co-written stage comedy, Calling for Help, I delivered seminars in Worcester, Northampton and Wisbech to writing groups and U3A interest groups on Interactive Theatre.

In 2015, I gave the Writing for Television workshop at the Birmingham Literature Festival at Library of Birmingham, based on my experience of writing for BBC TV Doctors.

I lecture regularly at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham for BA and MA students  (Film Studies & TV Production), and I taught script-writing at Solihull College to BA students and adult learners.

I worked with secondary school pupils in Shropshire to create short audio plays over a term.   I helped them develop their playscripts, then rehearse and record the plays using their classmates as a cast. The finished work was wonderful and we had many laughs along the way!LizJohn

I have visited primary school children in Birmingham, discussing idea development, redrafting and characterisation.

I have led many workshops with Writers Groups across the Midlands, talking about television and stage work.  As co-chair of the Screenwriters’ Forum, I wrote an article for the Producers Forum called ‘Working with Writers

Should you wish to request a visit, please contact me at liz.a.john@talk21.com to ask about fees and availability.