Questions & Links

Are you available to deliver training sessions/lectures?
Yes. Please see my Teaching section.

Can you read my script?
Sadly, no.  I’m afraid I’m too busy with my own work.  If you want feedback on a new project , please see my Links page for script editors/reading services which I think are good.  You can always send work to BBC WritersRoom for free feedback.

Can you recommend which producers/production companies to send my work to?
Again, no.  Ask your script editor/reading service to make recommendations.  When you watch TV drama or go to a play, make a note of the producers/production company. These are the people to contact if you admire their work and want to engage with them.

As a professional writer, the following organisations have been useful to me.

Writers Guild Of Great Britain
The Writers’ Guild supports writers across media including books, film, online, radio, theatre, TV and videogames.  Membership is open to writers of all levels of experience.

Interesting courses run by industry experts. Reading service and other resources.

Script Factory
The Script Factory used to offer excellent training for screenwriters.  Nowadays they offer development services.

Script Angel
Midlands-based script editor and development consultant with current industry experience.

Writing West Midlands and Writing East Midlands are useful sources of regional and national writing opportunities.

BBC WritersRoom
Useful for latest opportunities and competitions. You can download recent BBC TV drama scripts and also send scripts for feedback.

The Producers Forum is an organisation of West Midlands-based independent TV & film producers.