The verdict

Thanks to everyone who came to see BOLDtext Playwrights’ 20th REP show, The Sentence, last week – our first all-female endeavour.  Our two talented actors, Bharti Patel and Miriam Edwards, admirably directed by Vicki Duckett, did a fantastic job of staging our work and bringing it to life.  I will certainly be extending my disgraced surgeon play, Paying the Price, which was inspired by a well-known scandal in the Solihull area, as many will realise.  It is a story that I feel really must be told.

Jackie Hodgson and Keith Stokeld

We had a great discussion afterwards on sentencing, with our panel – criminologist and academic Professor Jackie Hodgson and probation officer Keith Stokeld, as well as myself and fellow writers, Vanessa Oakes and Julia Wright.  Weekend prison, domestic violence sentencing and the privatisation of the probation service were debated – and the discussions continued into the bar as always.  Great night all round!


Sentencing for the Future

BOLDtext Playwrights are delighted to announce the panel for their audience discussion, ‘Sentencing for the Future’, which follows their latest show, The Sentence, three brand new short plays at Birmingham REP on Monday 28 January 8pm.

The post-show discussion panel will be chaired by Professor Jackie Hodgson from Warwick University’s School of Law.  Jackie has organised a range of public engagement events around prisoner well-being and women in prison, and her research has focused on comparative criminal justice in the UK and Europe.

Jackie will be joined by Gregor Forde, community activist, advocate for the alienated and disadvantaged, with lived experience of the criminal justice system.  Former probation officer Tania Bassett is our third panel member – she is the Midlands link official for NAPO, the Trade Union & Professional Association for Probation and Family Court Staff. Tania works closely with the MOJ to develop training and professional standards.


Paying the Price by Liz John
A disgraced surgeon awaits sentencing, when a young solicitor arrives with unexpected news.

Offences Against the Person by Vanessa Oakes
Why do sentences sometime bemuse and enrage the public?

Working Mother by Julia Wright
Karen will soon be leaving prison. Has she learned her lesson? Sophie tries to help her but is it working?

The evening is a ‘pay what you can on the night’ show, so tickets are free to book HERE, or by calling The REP box office on 0121 236 4455.  Our script-in-hand new writing nights often sell out, so it’s best to reserve tickets in advance.

The Sentence is part of The REP’s ‘Open Door’ season, directed by Vicki Duckett and curated by Vanessa Oakes & Julia Wright.  The performance will be followed by the panel discussion, ‘Sentencing for the Future’ – after which we can retire to the bar to continue the conversation.

Paying the Price

On Monday 28 January 8pm in The Door at Birmingham Rep, BBC Doctors’ Bharti Patel and Miriam Edwards are starring in three brand new, short plays by BOLDtexters Vanessa Oakes, Julia Wright and myself.

‘Paying the Price’ by Liz John
A disgraced surgeon awaits sentencing, when a young solicitor arrives with unexpected news.

‘Offences Against the Person’ by Vanessa Oakes
Why do sentences sometimes bemuse and enrage the public?

‘Working Mother’ by Julia Wright
Karen will soon be leaving prison. Has she learned her lesson? Sophie tries to help her but is it working?

As usual, our talented actors and director are drawn from the Midlands.

The show will be followed by a discussion with the writers and an expert panel about the effects of our criminal justice system.

Tickets are FREE but they are going fast.  ‘The Sentence’ is a pay what you can on the night performance.

BOOK HERE or phone The REP box office on 0121 236 4455.

Maggie May

BOLDtext Playwrights had a great day out last week, popping over to see our own Sayan Kent’s latest musical at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre, Maggie May, co-created with Bob Eaton.  Set over WW1, it was clever, moving and funny – one minute businessmen sang hilariously about capitalism, and the next,  women mourned lost babies with their shawls.  Multi-talented 11-strong cast, and the audience loved it. So did we!

Great show, now what?

BOLDtext Playwrights’ most recent show, Behind Bars – Ghosts of the Lock Up, went down a storm in Birmingham city centre last month – with sell-out audiences who loved the humorous and heart-wrenching tales we told, as well as the more everyday stories embedded in the WM Police former Lock Up building.  It felt like our contrasting voices each captured something different in the space, with wonderful performances to bring them to life.  Emotionally transporting”,  “Excellent pacing and characterisation – evocative in this venue”, and “Really unique experience” were just some of the comments from our many visitors. 

And it was a unique experience for us too – we absolutely loved this site-specific work and hope to do more of the same – both at the Lock Up and elsewhere around the region.  We just need to decide where – so anyone with any suggestions, please do get in touch.

In the meantime, BOLDtext is working on another night of political shorts at Birmingham Rep on Monday 28 January 2019, so watch this space.

You can catch up with my latest The Archers episodes which are in studio shortly, then go out on Radio 4 the week before Christmas.  Can’t wait!

Speaking my mind

Liz-teaching-jan18-2Earlier in the year, I was invited to run a two hour Dialogue workshop at the wonderful Wolverhampton Lit Fest in the Art Gallery.

We explored the different uses of dialogue in screen, stage and audio drama, and discussed the main functions of dialogue: to reveal character, their motivation, and their relationships with other characters; to move the plot on; and to deliver exposition and backstory.

Participants used various exercises to help discover their character’s voice, and we looked at the nature of subtext and the factors that help create it.  Using free writing, we reflected on how context, world, motivation, status, audience, tone, pace, juxtaposition, and jargon can influence dialogue, and devices like repetition, interruption, echoing, overlapping and silence were discussed.

Thanks to all attendees – I enjoyed your company, and hope you found mine useful!